San Antonio Spurs win with #Foreign players – “Foreign Player Account Report” or FPAR in short?

The article referenced in the above tweet includes:


These nations will be represented in the FIFA World Cup, which opens next Thursday in Sao Paulo, but they are also being represented in the NBA Finals, which began last night  in another Latin-named city, San Antonio. The Spurs won Game 1, 110-95, as its top four scorers were all players who were born and reared outside the United States. In fact, San Antonio’s roster is comprised of athletes from seven nations (add Canada and the United States), as well as a U.S. territory, the Virgin Islands. There are times when you wonder whether Gregg Popovich is the team’s coach or its Secretary-General.

On opening night of the National Basketball Association season last October, the Spurs made history by having 10 foreign-born players on the roster. Meanwhile, San Antonio’s opponent for the NBA Finals this season (and last), the world champion Miami Heat, are one of two NBA franchises (the Philadelphia 76ers are the other) that have no international players.

This is more than a tale of two continents, of a contrast in passports, visas and citizenship. “It goes beyond that,” says Sports Illustrated senior writer Alexander Wolff, whose 2002 book Big Game, Small World somewhat presaged the massive influx of international hoops talent in the NBA. “The influence of international play shows up in the style of play, in the locker rooms, in practice. Everywhere.”

The Spurs, for example, led the league this season in assists with 25.2 per game. No other team in the league passes the ball as deftly and spaces the half-court for one another more fluidly than do the Spurs. It’s almost like watching…soccer.

Seems like there ought to be some kind of extra “foreign asset” reporting requirement on the Spurs.

How about the “Foreign Player Account Report” or the “FPAR” for short.  The penalties for not filing should be based on a percentage of the players contract.

Yes, that’s the American way.




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