It’s hard to imagine this government being any more anti-everything ..

The article  from Simon Black, of Sovereign Man includes:

It’s hard to imagine this government being any more anti-job, anti-business, anti-growth. But I have no doubt they’ll soon figure out an even dumber approach and slide further down the slippery slope.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this is going. People. Savings. Ideas. Businesses. In the long-run, all of these things will go where they are treated best.

Those nations which welcome them will thrive. Those nations which punish them will decline. It’s always been this way.

In the mid 16th and 17th centuries, the Ottoman Empire was the greatest power in the world, feared by all of Europe.

But during the Renaissance, Europe began to change. The printing press revolutionized everything. Knowledge and discovery flourished. Sound currencies and financial markets were established. Private property rights became sacrosanct. The individual triumphed. And the continent grew.

The Ottoman Empire, on the other hand, lived in the past. They forbade the printing press, forestalled new technologies, made corruption a fine art, and chased people around with abusive tax authorities.

When Isaac Newton died in 1727, an Ottoman emissary visiting London watched the funeral procession with utter astonishment. Newton was being buried like a King. And the Ottoman couldn’t understand why anyone would treat an intellectual with such esteem.

The Ottoman Empire declined because their government just didn’t get it.

Neither does the United States. We’d be foolish to think this place is immune to the same decline, that this time is any different.


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