Kelly McParland: Obama explains his world view. Five years into his mandate it may be a little late.

National Post | Full Comment

If you are among the many who puzzle over Barrack Obama’s approach to foreign policy – and whether he has a coherent one — the U.S. President did his best to spell it out this week in a speech at West Point.

The full remarks are here, but the White House helpfully posted a summary of the message on its web site:

 The President spent most of his speech outlining his vision for how the United States, and our military, should lead in the years to come. The four elements of American leadership included:

  1. Using military force when our core interests are at stake or our people are threatened

  2. Shifting our counter-terrorism strategy by more effectively partnering with countries where terrorist networks seek a foothold

  3. Continuing to strengthen and enforce international order through evolving our institutions, such as NATO and the United Nations

  4. Supporting democracy and human rights around the…

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