#Americansabroad defend the homeland militarily and diplomatically

Robert Wood, posted a “Memorial Day Article” drawing attention to the renunciations of U.S. citizenship. The very first comment was from a Homelander who is an adherent of the “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out” principle. This particular Homelander writes:

Memorial Day is a singularly poor time to get weepy over these ingrate swine. If life is tough on U.S. citizens renouncing their nation for money, too bad.

“Ingrate swine”? This Homelander has got it in reverse. Consider the following:

Clearly, Robert Kelley has no idea the impact FATCA is having on innocent families abroad. Ingrate swine?? These are the people who defended the U.S. abroad. I’ll have you know Robert Kelley, that my father was in the army, my grandfather served in WWII, my uncle served one tour in Korea and two tours in Vietnam and I have a nephew who is a Marine who also served in Afghanistan.

I had to renounce and it isn’t “for money” I would never owe any U.S. taxes. The ability to be able to keep our mortgage was a huge issue. The rights of my Canadian spouse to not have his banking data shared with a nation he is not a citizen of was another and those are just for starters. I spoke with my uncle about what was happening to my family over FATCA before he passed last year. I was very close to him and I will quote him “If that was happening to me I’d have to think about giving up my citizenship too. I sure don’t blame you.” I think I’ll take HIS opinion over those who are ill informed on this topic and unless you’ve served as much as he did you’ve no right to judge.

Some of these people YOU are calling “ingrate swine” have done more for the U.S. than you can dream of. On this “Memorial Day” some of them served in the U.S. military and now find they can’t keep their citizenship because of FATCA. I’ve met quite a few people in that situation. Maybe you should educate yourself on the collateral damages FATCA is causing before you make such blatantly ill informed, harmful remarks against those who have already been harmed enough through no fault of their own.

As I am one of those “ungrateful swine” I’ll just list a few things I used to do before FATCA came after my family. I urged my Canadian spouse to always do his best to buy American when investing. We shopped over the border to support the U.S., I got on a plane and volunteered after the Oklahoma City bombing as that is my hometown. I sent money to NYC to support the victims there, I took my entire Canadian family to Disney World one month after 9/11 because I wanted to support the U.S. economy after such a tragedy. In every conversation I had here in Canada when someone bashed the U.S., I defended. And much, much more as I saw all of the above as my duty to my home country. Unfortunately, my home country decided to treat every single expat as a criminal until proven otherwise, and not just us but, our foreign spouses and children too.

The type of people the U.S. is losing are NOT traitorous ingrates sir, they are people who previously defended and supported the U.S. while living abroad. A valuable asset which the U.S. hasn’t yet understood they are losing. My family made the U.S.A. as much as anyone else’s did. In fact we were there since before the revolution. Many have no choice. FATCA is so onerous that for some keeping citizenship is not an option. Even some in congress have acknowledged this and so has the tax payer advocate. I wouldn’t be so quick to get on a high horse if I were you, perhaps some FATCA education is in order.

Atticus in Canada:

The irony is that you are a Patriot in the finest tradition of American Patriots. Your renunciation of American citizenship is a great loss to America.

What American Homelanders fail to realize is how much Americans abroad provide a positive image of America internationally.

Americans abroad have traditionally been the equivalent of “word of mouth” advertising for America. That is clearly changing and America will pay a huge price for this. Whether America realizes this is another story.

But, thanks for your support of America and your willing to tell the truth about this situation.


Thanks for following up. As I suspected your experience living abroad was a very long time ago and predates the assault on Americans abroad that began in 2011 and continues with the world of FATCA (can’t get bank accounts), FBAR (as in the Fundraiser – penalizing people for failure to report when they didn’t even imagine such a law existed), PFICs (how is a poor American abroad supposed to save for retirement), OVDP (okay give us 25% percent of your net worth for the privilege of cleaning up past mistakes). The world you lived in was nothing like the world of today – did you even read Mr. Wood’s article?

Re your comment:

“Just don’t expect others to regard you as freedom fighters devastated by accusations of tax evasion.”

Americans abroad are NOT renouncing citizenship because they view themselves as “freedom fighters” (whatever that means). They are renouncing citizenship precisely because they want to be compliant with both the laws of the United States and the laws of their country of residence. To repeat: it’s the desire to be compliant with U.S. laws that is forcing people to renounce their U.S. citizenship.

To be in compliance with U.S. laws affects Americans abroad financially (double taxation and the costs of compliance), professionally (it’s harder for them to find employment and U.S. citizenship makes businesses reluctant to have them as partners, shareholders or investors), socially (the non-U.S. spouse is reluctant to be tied to a U.S. spouse whose primary obligation is to the U.S. government), in terms of retirement planning (many local retirement planning vehicles are NOT compatible with U.S. tax laws), and in term of quality of life (how would you like to have to worry about the threats of fines, penalties, etc.)

So, instead of calling those who renounce “freedom fighters” (which I suspect you view as a pejorative term, I invite you to see them for who (in most cases) they really are:

People who are trapped in a system that is completely incompatible with attempting to make/live a life outside the U.S.

It’s the desire to obey U.S. law that forces the renunciation and NOT the attempt to avoid any obligations.

Really ….

In the same way that many Homelanders don’t respect the contributions of it’s Veterans, many Homelanders don’t respect the contributions of Americans abroad. Now, I’m not suggesting that those Homelanders are “swine”. But, they are certainly “ingrates”!






2 thoughts on “#Americansabroad defend the homeland militarily and diplomatically

  1. AtticusinCanada

    Well, this is a stellar article and a great way to frame Mr. Wood’s article as well. I grow very tired of ignorant back lash from people who couldn’t dream that one day they may wake up and find the U.S. has decided they too need to lose their citizenship through no fault of their own. If it can happen to us, it can happen to them. And when the U.S. is done with you, you get to endure being called an ingrate swine, and told not to let the door hit you on the way out. U.S. citizens need to wake up and face squarely what their country is doing and if there is an ounce of morality in them stand up and say this is wrong.

  2. Wilton Jere Tidwell

    There are millions of us here in the U.S.A. who understand that our Tax system is driving patriotic people away. Millionaires should be running toward us instead of away, but our Politicians of both Major Parties are unaware that we need millions of Americans to live abroad to sell and service our exported products. We have gone from a trade surplus to a trade deficit so large that it is draining the wealth of the nation away.
    Taxing citizens no matter where they live in the world is a dumb idea. The FairTax, supported by millions of Americans, would reverse the Marxist trend and make it un necessary for anyone to renounce their citizenship. We had a record number of citizens renounce last year and if the embassies had not made it so difficult it would have been double or more than double the number who were successful.
    I knew some Green Card holders who wanted to quietly retire to their native Mexico and now it is impossible, Financially. Perhaps the fence they are building, on our Southern Border, is to keep us in instead of them out.


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