Benefits of Dual Citizenship

Well, it does give you the right to leave the United States and return it. It also means that if you renounce U.S. citizenship you would not be “stateless”.

Immigration in America

Benefits of Dual Citizenship

People have many different reasons for wanting to obtain

dual citizenship. Since you selected this book, you likely already

have some of your own reasons. It can be a lengthy and costly

process to have your Italian citizenship recognized so you should

think about your goals for obtaining citizenship and whether it’s

worth it before you embark on this journey. In this chapter, I’ve

shared some of the benefits of dual citizenship.

The right to work overseas

Some Americans may find that their job prospects are better

overseas or have just always wanted the option to be able to work

or create a business outside of the United States. As an Italian

citizen, you will not only obtain rights to work, vote and own

properly* in Italy, you will also be eligible to work throughout the

European Union.

Many large global employers may be willing to…

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