Jim Flaherty, 64, dies at Ottawa home one month after resigning as finance minister

He was a good man.

National Post | News

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OTTAWA – In what Prime Minister Stephen Harper called “an unexpected and terrible shock,” former finance minister Jim Flaherty died suddenly on Thursday.

His family said the 64-year-old died peacefully.

Earlier in the day, emergency vehicles were seen parked in front of Flaherty’s downtown Ottawa condo building.

The House of Commons abruptly suspended its sitting before question period began as word of the death spread. Opposition MPs flooded across the aisle to offer condolences to Flaherty’s colleagues. Some members wept.

A sombre Harper gathered his caucus to mourn.


“Today is a very sad for me, for our government and for all of our country,” The prime minister said. “I learned a short while ago that our colleague, my partner and my friend Jim Flaherty had passed away suddenly today.

“This comes as an unexpected and a terrible shock to Jim’s…

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