Guess who warned of the #FBAR Marriage in 1970?

The Globe has a really nice description of this here.


The Globe and Mail includes it’s daily “A moment in time”. On March 21, 2014, the Globe noted that on March 21, 1970, the song “American Woman” was released as a single. Along with the picture it included:

“American woman, stay away from me,” the song went, “American woman, mama let me be.” It was a rugged FM staple that became the Guess Who’s breakthrough hit in the U.S. despite its less than red-white-and-blue bent. The song was invented spontaneously at a concert in a curling rink outside Toronto, where Burton Cummings came up with the undiplomatic themes while Randy Bachman struck a stuttering guitar riff. “It wasn’t political,” Winnipeg-bred Cummings would explain. “What I was paraphrasing was ‘Canadian women, I prefer you.’ ” Later he added lines about ghetto scenes and war machines, which should have cut close to the American bone. Instead, the song became an ironic anthem. Pat Nixon was the one mama who would not let the Guess Who be. She banned the song from the White House. — Brad Wheeler

The song American Woman was re-released in 2013 by Lynne Swanson of MapleSandbox fame.

Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings were prescient. They foresaw the horrors of being married to a “U.S. person”.

The U.S. regards marriage between a U.S. person and an “Alien” as a form of Tax Evasion. Educate yourself in advance about the FBAR Marriage.

1 thought on “Guess who warned of the #FBAR Marriage in 1970?

  1. Dar

    The song was on top the year I came to Canada. It is one of my favorite songs of that era as is the Guess Who. Who would have known how it would be so meaningful today.


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