@PMHarper: If you won’t stand up for Canada, give other MPs a chance to vote against #FATCA

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

The above tweet references a speech made by Stephen Harper before he himself had to make the difficult decisions. The time was June 1997 when he was Vice-President of the National Citizens Coalition. The place was Montreal and the audience was a group of Americans – specifically the “U.S. Council for National Policy”

Stephen Harper by his words in 1997 :


Ladies and gentlemen, let me begin by giving you a big welcome to Canada. Let’s start up with a compliment. You’re here from the second greatest nation on earth. But seriously, your country, and particularly your conservative movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country and across the world.

Now, having given you a compliment, let me also give you an insult. I was asked to speak about Canadian politics. It may not be true, but it’s legendary that if you’re like all Americans, you know almost nothing except for your own country. Which makes you probably knowledgeable about one more country than most Canadians.

Before, I begin (if it matters) I write this as a concerned citizen. Although, I write this in a non-partisan spirit (this is about Canada), I should tell you that I have been and continue to be a Conservative in attitude, values and belief. As a Conservative I believe in human freedom, the dignity of the individual and that Governments have no business in either “the bedrooms” or the “boardrooms” of the nation. I also, like you, believe in Canadian supremacy in Hockey. Canada beat the United States in Olympic Hockey. Canada can beat the United States in FATCA.

Stephen Harper by his actions in 2014 (hasn’t been saying much lately):

I have been watching with interest and horror as your government – two hundred years after the war of 1812 – has surrendered Canada’s sovereignty to the United States.  A surrender without the firing of a single shot.  I guess that, (for you)  there’s good news and bad news:

First the good news: History will record that you were last Prime Minister of Canada (at least of Canada as a sovereign nation).

Now the bad news: History will record that you were last Prime Minister of Canada (at least of Canada as a sovereign nation).

You have given up Canada’s sovereignty to the United States by:

1. Not opposing Canadian participation in FATCA (on any level); and

2. Agreeing to aid the implementation of FATCA in Canada via an IGA.

What’s the matter with you? Are you the Prime Minister of Canada or an IRS enabler?

Minister Flaherty has commented that the United States has the “sovereign right” to enact its own tax laws.  This statement is a “half truth”. This statement is a “severe distortion of reality”. In fact, Minister Flaherty’s statement  comes close to being an outright lie.

Yes: The United States has the sovereign right to enact its own tax laws that operate inside it’s sovereign borders!

No: The United States does NOT have the “sovereign right” right to enact tax laws that  operate outside its borders in Canada.

No: The United States does NOT have the right to enact tax laws that tax the residents of Canada.

No: The United States does NOT have the right to enact a permanent tax on Canada itself.

You and I both know, that, through what it calls with the Orwellian term, “citizenship-based taxation”, the United States claims the right to levy taxes on:

– the residents of Canada and other countries

– on income earned in Canada and other countries.

So, what’s this “citizenship-based taxation” CRAP anyway? The use of the word “citizenship” makes it sound damn patriotic doesn’t it. It’s anything but. Actually what the U.S. calls “citizenship-based taxation” is actually outright theft from the economies of other nations.

Obama is a thief!

Thing is that:

What the U.S. proudly calls “citizenship-based taxation” applies to more than U.S. citizens. It applies to Canadian citizens. It applies to Green Card Holders who don’t reside in the U.S. It applies to anybody that the U.S. wants to designate a “U.S. Person” (a term of “theft”) anywhere in the world.  It is in fact, a tax on the income and capital of Canadian residents, and therefore a tax on Canada as a sovereign nation. Yup, the U.S. is claiming the right to tax Canadian residents on income earned in Canada. And you, Prime Minister, are helping them do this! It’s bad enough that you expect Canadians to pay for your own wasteful spending. But now, you expect Canadians to pay for the wasteful spending of Obama’s government. You expect Canadians to pay for Obama’s drone strikes!

On February 5, 2014, your government agreed to a FATCA IGA with Obama. Pursuant to this agreement you have committed the resources of the Canada Revenue Agency to help the U.S. levy taxes on certain Canadians to help pay for those parasites south of the 49th. To be  perfectly clear (as Obama, the U.S. Commander “In Thief” would say):

Prime Minister Harper  YOU are hurting Canadians and Canada. You are doing this for the sole purpose of helping the thieves to the south. FATCA is evil.

What is that thing that Edmund Burke used to say? Oh yeah:

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Prime Minister, are you a good man? So far, you are doing nothing. If you are truly a good man, you better do  something to prevent FATCA from arriving in Canada. No, the arrival of FATCA is not certain, (like as some say the arrival of winter).

Question: Now, I’m not one of those educated intellectual types like you. But I really have to wonder. Is to assist evil to be evil? Is to help a thief to be a thief? What does Canada’s criminal code say about this? Is it a crime in Canada to help a thief? Last I looked the criminal code a section talking about “Parties to an offense”.

Is it treason to surrender Canada’s sovereignty to the United States? Does Canada need to call upon the ghost of General Isaac Brock to save Canada? (I don’t know the answers to these questions. I identify with Obama when he says that the answers to certain questions are above his “pay grade”.)

But, I am a God fearing person. I believe in the 10 commandments. If it was good enough in ancient times, it’s good enough now.

Thou shalt not steal! Thou shalt not enable stealers!

Speaking of crimes,  I notice that you have even made it a crime for Canadian residents to NOT assist the IRS and Obama. This is shameful. You are making it a crime for hard working Canadians to NOT help Obama and his criminal organization in Canada. Can’t understand that one. Maybe you can explain it to me.

You are a good friend to the U.S. government but an enemy of Canada and Canadians! Please Prime Minister, tell me it’s not true. Please tell me that the reference in this tweet is wrong!

You were elected to be the Prime Minister of Canada, NOT to be  the IRS representative in Canada.

Why are you helping the U.S. levy taxes on Canadians? I ask you again! What’s wrong with you? Since when does the Prime Minister of the “Greatest nation on earth”, assist the tax agency of the “second greatest nation”, to collect taxes on residents of the “greatest nation”? I just don’t get it. Is somebody paying you? Are you getting a “kick back”? Why on earth would you do this?

U.S. tax policy is corrupt, immoral, and unjustifiable by any standard.  It violates the rights sovereign nations (including Canada) to finance the expenditures of its own country. There is NO reason to assist the United States in this immoral practice and every reason to oppose it. FATCA is nothing more and nothing less than:

1. An attempt to enforce the United State’s  “larcenous” and “immoral” practices of taxing the residents of other countries on income earned in those other countries; and

2. An attempt to force other countries, at the expense of those countries to aid in this “larcenous” and “immoral” practice.

3. FATCA is nothing more and nothing less than an attempt by the United States to steal from Canada and to parasatize Canada’s tax base. FATCA is a crime!

Yet, you are perfectly willing to help facilitate this crime. You have even made it a crime for Canadian residents to resist the attempt of the Americans to impose taxes on Canadians! Is this what you were elected for? I don’t remember you promising Canadians that you were going to assist the U.S. to collect taxes from them! I don’t remember you saying that instead of being the Prime Minister of Canada, that you were going to become the Prime Enabler of U.S. Tax Collection in Canada? I am still can’t figure out why you would do this.

An yes. I figured it out! I just had one of those OMG (Oh My God) moments. It’s about the banks isn’t it! Yes, you are doing this because those crafty Canadian banks want a FATCA IGA. Yes, that’s it.

Got a question for you Prime Minister:

Is Canada a country run for the benefit of the banks or for the people of Canada?

It’s clear that the Canadian banks want a FATCA IGA. Just like you, those banks would hurt Canada to help themselves. It’s pretty clear that those banks want to enforce American taxes on Canadians

Now, it’s  becoming clear to me. There are at least three reasons why those crafty banks want you to help them, by helping Obama and his IRS. Now, I get it.

1. FATCA Hunt is a great sport. But to “hunt Canadians” based on their place of birth violates Canadian Human rights laws. The banks, being the good corporate citizens that they are, don’t want to violate Canadian laws. Obviously, it’s better to get Canadian laws changed so that what would be unlawful conduct (hunting people based on their place of birth) is:

– not only lawful;

– but mandatory under Canadian law

Now, I hate Americans as much as the next guy (who doesn’t), but really, your government can’t discriminate against people (assuming Americans are people) based on their place of birth. But hey, not ALL Americans are that horrible. I met one in an Airport bar last week who seemed like an okay guy.  He wanted to learn all about Canada. He was fascinated to know that Canada has electricity. And, at least in 1997, you really seemed to like them.

Once you change Canadian laws to suit the Americans, those crafty Canadian bankers can just say:

But, we are just obeying Prime Minister Harper’s Canadian law. It’s not us! It’s Prime Minister Harper.

He made us do it!

2. The banks won’t have to deal with the IRS directly

Honestly, do you really care? So, let me get this straight. So the banks don’t have to deal with the IRS, you will pass a law forcing Canadian citizens to deal directly with the IRS? What’s wrong with you? You have turned Canada into a country that is similar to Vichy France. What are you assuming that Canada is already an occupied country?

3. Banks don’t like competition and your FATCA IGA will force ALL banks to participate.

We know the banks don’t like competition. So, why not help the banks eliminate competition. What if some bank somewhere decides it doesn’t want to do what the IRS wants. That “hold out” would be a competitive threat to those who are happy to do the bidding of the IRS. So, it’s a good idea to make sure that all he banks obey the IRS.

Prime Minister, this is all so stupid that it makes me wonder if you own lots of shares in Canadian bank stocks? Why are you bending over backward to help the banks anyway?

But, the truth is that …

Your FATCA IGA is just a way to make FATCA implementation easier for the banks. I do understand that with or without an IGA that FATCA is a U.S. law. I understand that you think its okay for Canadian banks to be regulated by U.S. laws.  I do understand that you think Canadian laws should be made in Washington.  I do understand that FATCA exists independently of an IGA. This brings me to my next point.

Your government should respond to FATCA by …

By passing a law prohibiting any bank in Canada from participating in FATCA.

In reality FATCA is a U.S. declaration of war on the rest of the world. Sooner or later countries must choose between obeying FATCA and maintaining their sovereignty. This is true for all countries including Canada. The longer Canada waits to resist it’s sovereignty,  the harder resistance will be.

Resistance to FATCA on every level must begin now. There is no alternative to FATCA resistance. This means: NO IGA, NO PARTICIPATION in FATCA on any level.  I note that none of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have are willing to turn their sovereignty over to the United States. Perhaps there is something to be learned. Listen, I voted for you. I voted for you because I know how hard it is to make the right decisions. But, the right decisions must be made. You have an obligation to the citizens of this great country, to their children and to their grand children.

I’m not the only one who feels this way …

I am certain that your government is aware of massive opposition to FATCA. Those who understand FATCA oppose FATCA. Canadian opposition to FATCA has come from Canadian political parties (NDP, Green Party, Progressive Canadian Party), individual MPs (Ted Hsu) at least three blogs of concerned citizens (Isaac Brock Society and Maple Sandbox and this blog), former Osgoode Hall law dean Peter Hogg, McGill Law Professor Allison Christians,  and thousands of other Canadians from coast to coast. and in the form of reasoned arguments. Some arguments are based on logic, some on principle, some on common sense, some appeal to patriotism. Some arguments explain how participation in FATCA will erode Canada’s sovereignty while allowing the IRS to confiscate the life savings of Canadian citizens and (in so doing) transfer Canadian wealth/assets directly to the United States.

Even enlightened Americans think FATCA is wrong …

Opposition to FATCA is well entrenched in the United States itself, including James Jatra’s RepealFATCA.com. FATCA is also opposed by  American Citizens Abroad (a group with a long history of opposition to the effects of citizenship-based taxation (which is what FATCA is intended to enforce).

Canada is (at least at the moment) a Parliamentary democracy which means that …

Your capitulation to the United States can still be stopped by a vote in Parliament. I note that your government is (at least claiming to) inviting submissions from the public until at least March 10, 2014.

I could write about FATCA, how it works, why it’s bad, what it means for Canada, etc. But, I won’t because either:

A. You don’t understand the implications of FATCA.  This must be because you don’t care to understand them (in which case you should resign); or

B. You do understand the implications of FATCA, and you understand that participation in FATCA, will surrender Canada to the United States (in which case you should resign).

Yes, your duty to Canada is to simply resign (by the way it might interest you to know that I voted for your Party in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2011).

Now, I know you’re not gonna resign. During your early years you were a principled man. But then your Government came to power. Speaking of “power”, what is it that Lord Atkin said? Something to the effect that:

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Now, Prime Minister, I do understand that even with about 38% of the popular vote you do have a majority government. Yep,  you can do what you want within reason. But, I don’t believe that any government (majority or not) has the right to surrender Canada to the United States! Now, I am not sure of the exact reason. I am not a lawyer. I am not an economist. I am not a professor. I’m just a “905 area code country bumpkin (if you get my point)”. But, I think this FATCA thing is just wrong. I just don’t think you have the right to surrender Canada to the United States. As a true Conservative, I believe that Canada is a country for its citizens and not for its banks. Also, Canada doesn’t belong to you. It doesn’t belong to your party. Canada belongs to its people!

Now I wanted to check all this out.  So,  I went down to the local bar and asked around. I talked to people in various states of sobriety. I talked to Liberals, Conservatives, NDP types, Green types. I even had more than one drink with a Liberal. Hell, I even talked to people who were of no political persuasion. And I asked em all. I asked em whether the Prime Minister of Canada should be standing up for Canada or helping Obama’s IRS. You know what? I couldn’t find anybody who thought you should be helping the Americans. Not one. Not even this guy who claimed to be American! When I started asking around, I found out that:

There is NOT a Liberal Canada. There is NOT a Conservative Canada. There is not an NDP Canada. There is NOT a Green Canada. There is only ONE Canada and that ONE Canada doesn’t like what you are doing. That ONE Canada doesn’t trust you.

You know what else I found out? You’ve not been telling Canadians the truth about this FATCA thing. Truth is that, once you turn about one million Canadians over to the IRS and their “Commander In Thief”, well they are gonna have their retirement assets confiscated. Yup, those damn mutual funds, those pension plans, those TFSAs and the like all gone. How come, cause your buddy south of the 49th, that Commander In Thief, he says that the bank accounts and assets of Canadians are foreign! Yep, that bank account down the street, that’s foreign. How come those mutual funds and banks (that you wanna help), how come they never told hard working Canadians about this. Those banks should of told us. Hell, they are complicit in this too. And yet, you are helping, those co-conspirator banks at the expense of hard working Canadians. I still don’t get it. I thought you were a proud Canadian.

Mr. Harper, what  is the matter with you anyway? You shouldn’t be caving  in the to the criminals south of the border. No opposition. Not a whimper from you. Not even one of those – “Fuddle, Duddle” (he was ahead of his time) things.

And it’s not just me. Let me tell ya, there are a lot of other people in this ONE Canada, who don’t think that you should be surrendering Canada to the United States. There’s a lot of people in Canada who don’t think their retirement assets should be going to supply food stamps to those patriotic life forms south of that 49th. Yep, there sure is SUMthing wrong with this situation. It just doesn’t SUM up! Canadians don’t appreciate what you are up to here.

So, I have a suggestion. Parliament will soon be forced to vote on your FATCA enabling legislation – AKA the legislation that transfers Canadian sovereignty to the IRS. Just to confirm that you are doing the right thing, I suggest that you submit this to a “free vote” in the House of Commons. Yup, all Conservative MPs should be invited to vote their conscience (if they have one). Now, I realize that a “free vote” is a rare thing indeed. But, Parliament has had “free votes” before on big important issues. There were free votes on the “abortion issue” and the “gay marriage” issue. Surely Canada’s sovereignty is at least as important as abortion and gay marriage. After all, if you surrender Canada to the “Commander In Thief”, well they might not allow abortion and gay marriage. What kind of Canada would we have then? It might look like America.

So, how about that free vote!

Finally, now I’m just a dumb Canadian schmuk. I might not be able to think. But, I can smell. Prime Minster this FATCA IGA stuff smells bad, and the putrid stench of your government is all over this one.

In 1997 you told the Americans that Canadians didn’t know about Canada. This really pisses me off. You don’t think Canadians know about Canada? Canadians might not know exactly why FATCA is bad for Canada, but they recognize it is bad, Canada is a great country and this great country deserves great leadership.

Prime Minister Harper, Leadership is about making the tough decisions and making em in a principled way! Nobody ever said this job of being Prime Minister was gonna be an easy gig. It looks like  you won’t stand up for Canada. Looks like you are just gonna do Obama’s bidding. Since you clearly won’t stand up for Canada, maybe somebody else will. Maybe there are some MPs in this country with some principle. If you don’t want to stand up for Canada, then give somebody else a chance to.  You need to put this FATCA thing to a free vote! Let’s just see which MPs are willing to stand up for Canada and which won’t. Hell, maybe some in your own Party would stand up for Canada if you would let them.

Anyway, why would you write a book about Canadian hockey if you were just planning to turn Canada over to the IRS. I don’t understand you and I won’t vote for you again.

Prime Minister, a Prime Minister who would trade freedom for security, deserves neither and will have neither!

Oh, and I just thought of something else. What would those bastards south of the 49th want Canada anyway?

3 thoughts on “@PMHarper: If you won’t stand up for Canada, give other MPs a chance to vote against #FATCA

  1. Pingback: The Isaac Brock Society

  2. Em

    Long but strong letter — well done! Sir Isaac Brock ensured a win for Canada (or what would become Canada) in the War of 1812 but 200 years later Harper nullified that win and now Canada’s sovereignty is lost. I picture Obama anticipating a cooked Canada goose for dinner, as he does his happy FATCA dance. Harper just keeps shuffling along with visions of pipelines draining Canadian resources into the USA (oil and water). When Canadian bank accounts are drained into the US Treasury and Canadian financial privacy goes down the drain, it will not phase him a bit.


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