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Starting tomorrow, think of Canada as a foreign country : The Buffalo News

Suggesting also that it may time for Canada to think of the U.S. as a foreign country.

Dual Citizenship

As this article from the Buffalo News reminds us, on June 1, 2009, 12:01 AM, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative takes effect.

As the headline for the article notes: “This just in: Canada is not part of the United States. Who knew?”

Needless to say, the line-ups to apply for a NEXUS card is likely quite long at this point, as well as the line-ups for passports on both sides of the border.

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Canada’s #FATCA IGA to keep banking information of Canadians priviate!! NOT

As the above tweet says, this is one for the ages. Talk about a reinvention of reality!


You can see a larger version of this article at:

“To be clear” (as he would say): @BarackObama is responsible for #Americansabroad renouncing

To be clear: A video is worth a thousand words! More videos are worth more than a thousand words.

I have taken a “comment exchange” between an Obama supporter and @Just Me and turned it into a post. Just Me lays out the chronology of Obama, the Democrats and FATCA.

Comment from Obama supporter:

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Checklist for your #FATCA IGA on your asteroid or in your country

Here is the penalty process for your citizen saving in the various national or asteroidal tax-free retirement plans (which are always taxed-up to the USA tax rate by USA)

FAQ 54 : If you have a retirement or pension plan in a foreign country (other than a plan described in FAQ 54) for which you believe there is no U.S. reporting requirement and that you believe should not be included in the offshore penalty base, you should contact the OVDI hotline at (267) 941-0020.

Banc Centrale de l'astéroide B612

Here is the Checklist that we have used for the implementation of a FATCA IGA, here at l’asteroide B612
Due to the groundswell of international interest in FATCA, I thought that our asteroid would share our decision process with your leaders of your asteroid.   I know that Obama’s Treasury goons are threatening your banks with 30% withholding sanctions if you do not comply, and various other sticks and marginal carrots behind the closed doors on your asteroid, so it is important that you weigh all of the factors prior to your capitulation and delivery of your bank data, corporation data, and citizen data to the Internal Revenue Service of Planet the Galaxy (IRSoG), formerly known as the IRS of USA.
FATCA negotiations work like this:

Check to make sure that no one in your family and no one in your circle of friends is a US person.

If you, yourself, open a new account on your…

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Theo Caldwell: Say no to Washington’s surveillance state

Great article – see in particular the comments talking about FATCA and people with no connection to the U.S. except by birth. The U.S. is now using the 14th amendment (if you were born in the U.S. you are a U.S. citizen to create slavery. Under no circumstances should any agree to any aspect of FATCA which is a tool to create slavery!