Something’s missing from statistics on loss of US Citizenship

There has been at least one denied Freedom of Info request to get the real numbers, and there is a new one out for which we are waiting to receive the results. The real issue at hand is what are the REAL numbers.

Banc Centrale de l'astéroide B612


The above graph shows the officially released statistics for renunciations of US citizenship over the period 2006 to 2013.

The blue line takes statistics from the Federal Register, the red line is from the FBI list publicized in order to list renunciants who are not allowed to purchase firearms.

There are serious deficiencies in the data.

First, the data states only those that have actively renounced their citizenship, paid $450, and made oral statements to the local US embassy as to their renouncements.  Those figures do not include those who have “relinquished” their citizenship, by having stated that they have performed a relinquishing act such as working in a federal government, military, or most often those who had taken upon a 2nd citizenship some years ago when such an act automatically cancelled US citizenship (duals were not allowed)>

However, none of it matches anecdotal evidence of those who have been going…

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