Are you or have you ever been a member of the American Party?

There is a “dark side” to a humorous post: Rick Mercer Report: Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act which suggests:

The question: Are you or have you even been an member of the Communist Party American?

The McCarthy Obama Witch Hunt is just beginning. Note the following comments starting here at the Isaac Brock Society.

  1. We have to hide our “USness” to live in our own country and try to live “normal” lives like any other citizen – like the Jews had to circa 1939 – as our countries roll over and pay tribute to the Empire. This is what the USA has become.

  2. @Steve So very true. If you think about it, anyone with “US person” status has to hide from the Nazis(USA) in their own country. Just like the Jewish did in Nazi Germany. The only difference was that back then, the Nazi rule didn’t extend into other countries as most were against them.

  3. @NativeCanadian, Steve
    In my view governments that sign IGA’s are worse than the Vichy government. At least Germany had conquered France and instituted their puppet government. But what excuse do governments today for signing IGAs and becoming stooges for the US Treasury Department?


2 thoughts on “Are you or have you ever been a member of the American Party?

  1. SwissTechie

    Well, all I can say is that every day I am becoming more proud and happy of the fact that I renounced US citizenship. Not being an American citizen is the best decision I ever made in my entire life. There are just far too many things going wrong in that country. Even some members of my own family in America are cheating on other family members due to their greed for money, while their crimes are protected by the law and the legal system is heavily burdened with similar cases. How sad.

  2. mjh49783

    Every day I live my life outside of the USA is another day that I’m grateful to have. The day I get to relinquish my US citizenship will be the day I experience true freedom for the first time.


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