Only @Demsbroad take these Stepford Wives seriously

The above tweet references a comment at the Isaac Brock Society that is deserving of its own post.

How the Democrat Stepford Wives still manage to rationalize around this after years of evidence about the serious cost and consequences for the entire world, the harm, and the total teetering mess of the design of FATCA is beyond belief. They are by definition living ABROAD. How can they justify still supporting a US government and ruling party who is preying not only on them and their fellow ‘US taxable persons’ OUTSIDE the US, but ALL the other TAXPAYERS and citizens of the NON-US country they are actually living in?

The whole world is slated to pay to implement FATCA – for the sole (and dubious) benefit of the US. ALL TAXPAYERS wherever they live will pay their domestic taxes to create and support structures and processes to implement FATCA and report to the US IRS and US Treasury FOREVER.

Seriously. Talk about divided loyalties. I bet these DA types are mostly people who don’t see themselves as loyal or owing anything to the country where they are living. Otherwise, they couldn’t continue to rationalize support for Obama and a party and country that is hellbent on leaching off the one they’re actually living in and enjoying the fruits and services of right now. Basically at this point, if they can excuse FATCA at all, then they are traitors to the country they are living in, enjoying the services of, and possibly a citizen of. Their fellow taxpayers in their non-US country are going to ALL foot the BILL for a FATCA IGA in order for the DA types to keep a toehold in and loyalties the political structure of the US. I think dual citizenship is possible without inherent conflicts most of the time. But NOT in this case a loyalty both to the Democrats and the President of the US AND to Canada and all the other countries in the world.

FATCA is NOT good for us. FATCA isn’t even good for the US. Anyone who can continue to rationalize that is willfully blind or criminally opportunistic.

I think FATCA is the final tipping point. You either are for the best interests of your fellow taxpayers and citizens in the NON-US country where you live and enjoy benefits and the rest of the world, OR you can be a Democrat Abroad still excusing the current Democratic Party and President Obama. Not both.

And I am not saying that in support of the Republican Party because I’ve never been a Republican or ever voted for them.

Just reading this from DA makes me nauseous:
“….in either case it is likely to fail given the commitment that regulators have demonstrated to implementing the law and the recognition in the US and globally that tax dodging must be stopped…”

In other words, the Democratic Party and President Obama are adamantly stuck on stupid, arrogant and hypocritical. And the DA is not going to work for repeal of FATCA cause it is family. And family stick together right? Even if they beat you?

The US is demanding a free lunch at the expense of every single other country in the world. That’s a BS sandwich.

2 thoughts on “Only @Demsbroad take these Stepford Wives seriously

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