Open Letter to Riksdag & Anders Borg, regarding implementation of USA #FATCA law in Sweden

“Sweden is not a tax haven. There is absolutely not a signal person in the Universe who would move to Sweden or invest in Sweden in order to avoid taxation. The thought is ludicrous.

But now we are suffering as a foreign government tries to financially terrorize us. There have been many sleepless nights. Marriages have been strained. Health and careers have been affected. Some have even contemplated suicide.

Our Swedish citizenship for us should entitle: “2 § “Den offentliga makten skall utövas med respekt för alla människors lika värde och för den enskilda människans frihet och värdighet.“ We have met our obligations, and we now respectfully ask you, and the government of Canada, to meet your obligations to us.”

Banc Centrale de l'astéroide B612

Dear Riksdag & Anders Borg

I write to you today asking a simple question: Do all Swedish Citizens have the same rights under Sweden’s laws and our Grundlag?

The government is quietly negotiating a new tax information sharing agreement with the United States that we fear will remove those rights from Swedes whom the U.S. wants to claim as their own.

How can you sign away Swedish Citizens living in Sweden to the fate of another country’s laws?

There are at least 40,000 people in this group, with another 40,000 family members who will be affected by any agreement with the U.S. that compromises their rights.

We are law-abiding, responsible, tax-paying Swedish citizens and residents, many of us here for decades or our entire lives.  We live from North, South, East, and west.  We have studied, worked, retired, earned an income, owned homes, raised Swedish-born families, volunteered, voted, participated in our communities, donated to Swedish charities, saved, invested…

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