A letter home from Everyman A. Broad

Great letter – gotta renounce U.S. citizenship to save your life!

Saw something similar reasons a while ago here:


Banc Centrale de l'astéroide B612

Dear Sam,

Like so many of my buddies that have been serving overseas, I am writing to you to tell you that our relationship is nearing its end.   It may not happen today, it may not happen tomorrow, but it is going to come to an end.

I address you by the masculine nickname which we have come to use for you, which is much easier for me.  Your real name that you were given at your birth, is so beautiful and has so much meaning and brings such feelings of love and admiration–that I cannot bear to use it.  Perhaps as you changed, people stopped using your full name—they used that nickname, they used your last name, they used your middle name, and they used your initials.  Why have people stopped using your first name?  It was all so beautiful, it symbolized at your birth what a wonderful thing…

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