“We used to sell US citizenship, now we sell non-US-citizenship” says black marketeer

And U.S. citizens used to fight to keep their citizenship, now U.S. citizens fight to get rid of their citizenship. The CLN is now the most valuable document for Americans abroad.

Prediction: Soon Homelanders will be wanting a CLN too.

Banc Centrale de l'astéroide B612

Black market report: US passports not selling, Certificates of Loss of Nationality a new Business Opportunity!

Rumblings had been coming out of the black market in the previous couple of years, that false US passports were no longer selling.   Previously, this had been a high-margin, low volume business.  However, business had been drying up.

It turns out, however, that the black market has found a new high-volume lower-margin business opportunity: The sale of Certificates of Loss of (US) Nationality (CLN).  This document is a proof that a person has GIVEN UP his US citizenship, rather than the opposite.  Although it is more difficult to get a good profit margin out of middle class clients for such a document, the volume of need for the document has increased dramatically!

Black marketeers had seen the enormous rise in legitimate CLN’s.  With the market dried up for false US passports, they had set upon…

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