5 thoughts on “#FATCA Class action lawsuit against one or more of the Canadian banks

  1. ralph

    ! was three years old when I left the USA with my mother who had married an American airman who lost his life in ww2 to return to Canada . I and am proud to be a Canadian ! I may now have to renounce my place of birth , because of this invasive tactic by usa to help off set massive deficits caused by uplifting us auto manufacturers and us military endeavors around the world ….shame on the USA ……find another way to collect from the rich ….RobbinHood.

  2. bennyfranklinstein

    in who we trust ,I am therefore I am, I think that a different approach should be taken,

    The declaration of independence of the expatriate peoples of the united states.
    we have become a distinct society, much like Jews who left Egypt in search of the promised land , and the pharaoh of that time did not like that either.

    The Canadian government rolling over and staying on the paper with regard to
    the charter of rights, discriminates against us expats as a discrimination of a persons place of origin , I think it is a human rights issue because we are persons under the charter.

    all expatriates vest into and hire Spielberg to make our movie ,The title would be
    From here to insanity. it would be a chronicle depiction of a nations ethical demise.
    I don’t think that it would be impossible to raise 100 million for starters ,how many expats ,
    1 million plus .

    sorry if this all seems like silly nonsense ,keep in mind that when the us declaration of independence came into reality, the British thought the very same thing.

    united we stand.

  3. Joseph Nusse

    Ok seriously, I am questioning the constitutionality of banks forcing holders of accounts existing before 2014 to disclose additional information such as citizenship (s). Can banks just change the terms of account once it is already opened? I certainly question if banks are legally allowed to force account holders to consent to a foreign government having access to client information. Is there any grounds for a class action lawsuit against either the banks and/or the government of Canada on this one if they try and force new terms on existing account holders. Any takers?

    Joe (duel citizen only because parents signed me up two decades ago)

  4. Steven TRACY (@StevenTRACY1965)

    Put in the face of the american congress why USA beacame independant in the first place :

    Ok, let’s get down to a little bit of facts and history to better understand what’s at stake.

    First of all, why did the 13 first colonies in america go to revolution against the english empire. Yup, you bet, the main reason was taxes. The main reason the colonies started rebelling against ‘mother England’ was the taxation issue. The colonies debated England’s legal power to tax them and, furthermore, did not wish to be taxed without representation. This was one of the main causes of the Revolutionary War. Now how about that one for greedy little congressmen.
    Read on further : http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/american-colonies-declare-independence

    Second of all, the origin of citizen based taxation was the civil war. Yup again. To discourage soldiers from leaving the states they created citizen based taxes, just like the english they fought for independance did. Read on further : http://tax-expatriation.com/2014/04/01/the-u-s-civil-war-is-the-origin-of-u-s-citizenship-based-taxation-on-worldwide-incomes-for-persons-living-outside-the-u-s-does-it-still-make-sense/

    So the real question is : Is this taxation rule still relevant in the 21st century ?
    Not only is it very descriminating for US citizens like you and me abroad, but FATCA also creates serious damage to the United States and its economy!!!

    Over here in France the AXA bank has thrown out all it’s US citizenship customers and I have received a FATCA form from my bank. As I arived in France in 1975 at the age of 9 years old, I’m going to get naturalized French sooner than I thought and give up my american passeport and nationality if I have to. On top of that, my mother is Dutch so heck, I don’t care. Thanks dad for bringing me to this lovely country. But it’s something that american citizens working for a couple of years abroad aiming to go back to the states will probably not do. And that’s where the economic factor comes in.

    Most americans that are sent to work abroad are important people. Now, major companies don’t want to hire americans anymore, nore have them participate in their actions. You can easeliy mesure the negative impact on the US economy. read on : http://www.repealfatca.com/index.asp?idmenu=4&idsubmenu=121&title=News



    The only thing that will stop citizen based taxation is when the congress wakes up and realizes the harm it’s doing to the US economy, wich will come in the near futur.


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