@TheOliverStone and Peter Kuznick Untold History of America

On the back cover of Stone’s “The Untold History of America” you will find an interesting comment from Mikhail Gorbachev.

“At stake is whether the United States will choose to be the Policeman of a “Pax Americana”, which is a recipe for disaster, or partner with other nations on the way to a safer, more just and more sustainable future”.

From time to time I have written posts call into question the “Official version” of America’s History. An example is the post on the book Liberty’s Exiles by Maya Jasonoff.

About a year ago I became aware of a book by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick called “A True History of the United States“. The book will be featured in a mini-series commencing next week. In any case here are two DemocracyNow.org interviews with the authors. They are very interesting. Pay particular attention to the last three minutes of the second interview where Mr. Kuznick talks about the effects of ON THE UNITED STATES of the Obama drone attacks.

And meanwhile, back at the ranch:

This is not going to end well for the United States.

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