A Plea To Congress — Adopt Residence Based Taxation!

Excellent post – problems well documented.

Café Moi

I am an American expat holding both American and Canadian citizenships. I live in Canada where I pay federal and provincial income taxes. America also requires me to file federal income taxes with them, the only country in the world with this requirement on its citizens, other than Eritrea, which America actually has condemned for this practice.

What does this mean? We need to consider a few other features, but for most of us, it simply means double the paperwork. It does for me, for now.

I get a FEIE (foreign earned income exclusion) of $97,000. I make less than that, so I get to write off all of my salary on my American tax return. Wow, you think. I wish I could do that. Remember, I live abroad and I pay taxes to Canada and New Brunswick. Your American rates are far lower. Don’t be happy for me.


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