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FEARBar – “Foreign Email Account Report” – #Offshore email reporting – coming to an information return near you!

What if the US wants you returned to the Homeland? The conventional wisdom is that there is not much the US can do if you are not within their borders. This is a complicated question. There are at least two issues:

Assuming a violation of U.S. law, under what circumstances will an extradition treaty provide for extradition to the U.S.?

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Tis the season – The HR Block chronicles continue

Citizenship-based taxation – Residence based life control

All U.S. citizens abroad are living the reality that the tax and reporting requirements of U.S. citizenship abroad have meant that U.S. citizenship has been priced out of the market. Many U.S. citizens abroad simply do NOT have the money to pay the compliance costs. Furthermore, it has become clear that what the U.S. refers to as “citizenship-based taxation” is actually a deliberate form of “residence based life control“. Let’s at least understand what we are talking about.

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