Possible indication of #FATCA causing banking problems for #americansabroad in Canada

A comment at the Isaac Brock Society included the following:

On Oct. 18th, 2012 I applied at the Royal Bank to become a signature to my husbands direct investing account. The question of my birth place was on the application form and as always I advised I was born in the U.S. At the time I was unaware of FATCA.
During that meeting, via phone, I was advised by RBS Direct Investing that my RRSP account was frozen and I could no longer trade within that account. The individual I dealt with at RBC Direct Investing was a Senior Manager. My account would be frozen until such time as I completed a “w-9″ form which required a SSN which I have never had. I have made appts. twice at Toronto Consulate to apply for SSN but have cancelled as I am not sure it is the right move for me to make at this time.
I did write letters to the PM, Jim Flaherty and my MP….in fact, just mailed them yesterday regarding my situation and I did relay the issue with the Royal Bank.
My husband and I will be attending the meeting on June 15th ….bit of a distance for us but we will be there.



1 thought on “Possible indication of #FATCA causing banking problems for #americansabroad in Canada

  1. calgary411

    Thanks for posting this!!! I’m away from it all for awhile with other outside obligations. I’ll be looking at what has happened on this as soon as I’m back!


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