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Why people are renouncing U.S. citizenship: Readers Digest Version

Nobledreamer’s comment to this article about renouncing U.S. citizenship is worth a post and that is exactly what this post is. One of  best descriptions of the problem I have seen. It’s in language and a format that anybody can understand it. Thanks! Continue reading


Liberty is the true casualty of war – James Madison: Dedicated to Ron Paul

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The U.S. is a world leader in forms, compliance and violating the sovereignty of other nations. This results in resentment, which leads to hatred of America, which leads to non-government sponsored violence (“terrorism”),  which has led to U.S. retaliation, which is called the “War on Terror”.

Why do people hate AmericaCongressman Ron Paul put this very well by saying: Continue reading

The second American revolution – Who are the Patriots?


Those of you have been to the Boston area will know that is is a museum to the American Revolution. In Lexington, Massachusetts there is a Museum called Munroe Tavern. After the tour, one can listen to a video documenting the start of the American Revolution. The video begins with the question:

“Who were the Patriots?”

Were the Patriots the oppressed colonists or were they those who were loyal to British Crown? There is a saying that:

“One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.”

I am sure that both  sides (of what essentially was the first American Civil War) felt that they were Patriots. I am not sure what it means to be a Patriot. That said, I don’t believe that blind obedience to the laws of a nation makes one a Patriot. Blind obedience would make one a “law abiding citizen”. It would not make one a Patriot. Although Patriotism may include obedience to the laws of a country, obedience would not make one a patriot. Ron Paul in his campaign for President once said that the Patriot Act was not patriotic. Continue reading