Liberty is the true casualty of war – James Madison: Dedicated to Ron Paul

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The U.S. is a world leader in forms, compliance and violating the sovereignty of other nations. This results in resentment, which leads to hatred of America, which leads to non-government sponsored violence (“terrorism”),  which has led to U.S. retaliation, which is called the “War on Terror”.

Why do people hate AmericaCongressman Ron Paul put this very well by saying:

This dramatic increase in the use of drones and the lowered threshold for their use to kill foreigners has tremendous implications for our national security. At home, some claim the use of drones reduces risk to American service members. But this can be true only in the most shortsighted sense. Internationally the expanded use of drones is wildly unpopular and in fact creates more enemies than it eliminates.

Earlier this month a former top terrorism official at the CIA warned that President Barack Obama’s expanded use of drones may actually be creating terrorist “safe havens.” Robert Grenier, who headed the CIA’s counter-terrorism center from 2004 to 2006, told a British newspaper that, “[the drone program] needs to be targeted much more finely. We have been seduced by them and the unintended consequences of our actions are going to outweigh the intended consequences.”

After a drone strike in Yemen last month once again killed more civilians than suspected al-Qaeda members, a Yemeni lawyer sent a message to President Obama stating “Dear Obama, when a U.S. drone missile kills a child in Yemen, the father will go to war with you, guaranteed. Nothing to do with Al Qaeda.” These are the unseen victims of the president’s expanded use of drones, but we should pay attention and we should ask ourselves how we would feel if the tables were turned and a foreign power was killing innocent American children from thousands of miles away. Would we not feel the same?

The best investment in the future of the United States would be for the United States to nurture: peace, friendship and cooperation.

But, the U.S. does not seem to understand that peace costs less than war. The cost of the “war on terror” to the tune of $2 trillion dollars.

$2 trillion dollars later, Fareed Zakaria explains why this must end. Funny, wasn’t Madison the president who started the war of 1812? The evolution of the U.S. into a Police state directly parallels the escalation in the war on terror (whatever that is).

Imagine a world where the Liberty of Americans would not be stolen from them and where $2 trillion dollars would not be spent on war.

The solution: let the rest of the world alone.

A closing thought from Mikhail Gorbachev:

Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick provide a critical overview of U.S. foreign policy during the past few decades. There is much here to reflect upon. Such a perspective is indispensable. …

At stake is whether the United States will choose to be the policeman of a ‘Pax Americana,’ which is a recipe for disaster, or partner with other nations on the way to a safer, more just, and sustainable future.

President Mikhail Gorbachev”


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