If Romney is an “Etch a Sketch” then Obama is a “Magic Slate”

Sketch in any direction

The Obama campaign is trying to draw an analogy between Mitt Romney and an Etch A Sketch. The idea being that Romney’s positions are forever evolving and are evolving in unpredictable directions. Don’t know whether that is true or not. An Etch A Sketch drawing is a drawing in a continuous line. At least we know where the line started. The line can always be traced back to its roots.

Erasing a position means it never existed!

But, since the Obama campaign is comparing Romney to a toy, I suggest that President Obama should be compared to another toy – specifically: The Magic Slate.

The Magic Slate is a great thing. One can completely erase the original position. What position? It never existed to begin with. Example: Wasn’t there something about closing Guatonomo?


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