#Americans abroad who became citizens of another country prior to 1986 read this ..



Or for those who are not twitter literate:



Thank you for your well reasoned and articulate comment on this issue.


Much appreciated. You are absolutely right that very lawyers understand this issue. The reason is simple: the cases that you refer to and the context in which they arose were a long time ago. To really understand this area of law, one must almost grow up with it. But the main message that people need to take from your comment is:

“To clarify: If indeed your US nationality was forfeit upon naturalisation in Canada and if it was restored (retroactively but
conditionally) by Supreme Court decision then that restoration was subject (under international law acceded in by the USG) to your consent. You probably gave that assent by applying for a new passport. You should have had legal counsel. Unfortunately there aren’t many lawyers competent in this arcane area to which I have devoted much of my life.”


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