Yes we can!! – Change we can believe in – Organizing the community of U.S. citizens abroad – One community at a time!

Last night the Economist Magazine ran an online debate on the issue of whether Barack Obama should be re-elected president. The debate allowed live comments. There were a total of 92 “registered” comments. Of the 92, approximately 7 were attempts to comment that never became comments (unless the absence of a comment was intended to be the comment). In any case, of the 85 substantive comments approximately 7 were from U.S. citizens abroad. The agony of U.S. citizens abroad is real. Their pain can be heard. The simple fact is that the Obama administration has made life for U.S. citizens abroad a life of agony. In order to spread the word, I created a number of tweets which link to the cries of anguish. Here they are:

Barack Obama began his road to the presidency by being a community organizer in Chicago. We must end his presidency by being community organizers in the Expat community. The Obama administration has destroyed the health, wealth and life of U.S. citizens abroadMichelle Obama credits the Obama presidency with allowing her to feel proud of America.  I credit the Obama presidency with creating conditions that make me ashamed to be a U.S. citizen. Renunciations of U.S. citizenship are soaring under Obama. People are desperate to renounce U.S. citizenship – and renounce  they will!

It is clear that the only way to end the Obama presidency is for people to vote for Mitt Romney. In October I wrote a post which I titled “An open letter to Mitt Romney“. My letter included the following:

Governor Romney, I am writing to you for two reasons:

First, I believe that you are the most likely candidate to be the Republican nominee for President, and that you will likely be the next President of the United States of America.

Second, I strongly urge you to make FATCA an election issue. President Obama has been bad for America. I agree that “Obama means not working”. But, if FATCA is the legacy of the Obama Presidency, FATCA is the seed that will destroy the United States.

Governor Romney: I don’t want you to ever be in a position where you must “apologize for America!”

I am an expat American Patriot. But, America is no longer the country that you and I grew up in. I am not leaving the United States of America – The United States of America has left me!

I am of the opinion that Mr. Romney would be a good president and would be much better for U.S. citizens abroad. My reasons are captured in this comment to the post:

I have always felt that Romney (of all the candidates) is the one who would be most sympathetic to this. My reasons are:

1. Both he and his wife’s fathers were born outside the U.S.

2. I have speculation that Romney may also be a citizen of Mexico.

3. Romney has a family summer home in Grand Bend Ontario giving him a life long connection to Canada.

4. Romney clearly has to file FBARs.

5. Romney is (in truth) an “Independent” who is a pragmatist. Therefore, if given the proper education would see how much citizenship-based taxation hurts the U.S.

I have always felt that we should attempt to engage Romney. If we give him an education on this it will give him an issue to really attack Obama. I have yet to meet a person who does not see things our way, once it is explained. Furthermore, it will portray Obama as the thug that he is.

Also, we should reach out to Ron Paul – who very clearly is opposed to the Ex-Patriot Act. I noticed that he used the words “Trojan Horse” to describe some aspects of citizenship-based taxation.

At the very least, Romney should receive the very strong support of U.S. citizens abroad.

I commented further that:

How about pick up he telephone and tell him that U.S. citizens abroad would like to organize to throw their support behind him – I am very serious.

At the risk of oversimplification, you will find that in life there are three kinds of people:

1. Those who make things happen

2. Those who watch things happen

3. Those who ask – What happened?

Because we live outside the United States, we are able to observe the world and the United States in a much more objective way than those who live inside the United States. The common “Homelanders” and the “Homelander Elite Core” are captive to U.S. National Narcissism. They are in third category – at the end of the day – as we watch the daily erosion of the United States – they will just ask “What happened?”

There are many U.S. citizens who read and comment on blogs and wish things were different. They are in great pain, but they are really just watching this happen.

It’s time to make things happen! If you don’t take steps to “make things happen” then who will? If you are an American Patriot, they I suggest you have a duty to get involved in the upcoming election. Find a way to help spread the word. Do everything you can to keep Barack Obama from enjoying a second term.

Now, I want to point out that the Obama Central Command has created a sham organization called “Americans Abroad For Obama”.  This is their attempt to manufacture the  illusion of support for Barack Obama. This has also meant that Obama has inadvertently opened a dialogue with U.S. citizens abroad – an opportunity that we must take advantage of.

Conclusion: Democracy assumes that citizens (and that’s what we apparently are – or maybe not) assume a level of responsibility.  Assuming a level of responsibility means that participation in the upcoming election. There are many U.S. citizens abroad who believe (a belief that I share) that through OVDI, the FBAR Fundraiser, that the Obama administration has launched a vicious unprovoked attack on U.S. citizens abroad and on other countries. FATCA – the U.S. Berlin Wall is simply icing on the cake. It is commonly said that U.S. citizens have two choices:

1. Renounce U.S. citizenship (the renunciation of U.S. citizenship might be the most patriotic thing you can do); or

2. Comply

This is true, but there is another possibility. That is to work as hard as possible to get Mitt Romney elected president. We cannot know for sure whether Romney would reverse any of the destructive policies of the Obama administration. But, we do know that nothing could be worse than four more years of Barack Obama. Our ability to survive as U.S. citizens living outside the United States is dependent on getting rid of Barack Obama!

This requires that you become a community organizer. As U.S. citizens abroad it means that we must become a larger community of smaller communities. Once we become that larger community of communities, then we make that telephone call to Mitt Romney. Community organization made Barack Obama president. Community organization is what is required to end it. Are the organizer for your community?

Can we as U.S. citizens living outside the United States make a difference in the November 6 election?

“Yes we can!” – Let’s effect some “change we can believe in!”

While you are at it, you might spread the following message:

Stop citizenship-based taxation – Repeal FATCA

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