U.S. citizens “Born Free” renounce U.S. citizenship to live “Form Free”

Some things never seem to change – specifically the need to “Live Free”

Just came across an interesting blog post called “My thoughts on U.S. citizenship for young people“, the author encourages young people to renounce their U.S. citizenship as early as possible. Certainly “young adults” over the age of majority should be educated about the obligations, liabilities and  opportunities of U.S. citizenship. Any decision to renounce citizenship is important and needs to be made in an educated and calm state of mind.

I would guess that the author’s sentiments are largely the result of his life having been taken from him by the IRS assault on dual citizens. This can be understood only by those who have lived this nightmare.  Incredibly the “IRS jihad” has been against some of America’s most patriotic citizens. Their scars will be permanent. It’s not what you take from them. It’s what you leave them with.

The author then explains, why for “young people”, renouncing U.S. citizenship, is an important investment in their future.  Here is an excerpt:

If you don’t want to live like a second class citizen in your own country of birth or in another country or as an American who lives outside of the States then dump your U.S. citizenship. The Americans expect you to abide by all U.S. travel restrictions even if you hold citizenship in another country. America does not believe in dual citizenship. They won’t force you to drop another countries citizenship but when it comes to how you live your life you MUST live it as an American. So what that means is that you are not free to engage in the same freedoms as those of your fellow countrymen.

The author further explains his position in a subsequent comment. For U.S. citizens living outside the United States, U.S. citizenship results in a guarantee of  “second class citizenship” the world over. But, this is NOT new. Here are some excerpts from the New York Times through the years.

New York Times 1914:


New York Times 2010:

“WASHINGTON — Amid mounting frustration over taxation and banking problems, small but growing numbers of overseas Americans are taking the weighty step of renouncing their citizenship.

“What we have seen is a substantial change in mentality among the overseas community in the past two years,” said Jackie Bugnion, director of American Citizens Abroad, an advocacy group based in Geneva. “Before, no one would dare mention to other Americans that they were even thinking of renouncing their U.S. nationality. Now, it is an openly discussed issue.”

Read the complete article here.

Renounce U.S. Citizenship – Live “Form Free”!

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