This is a post I wrote a while ago. The comments are quite interesting.

The Isaac Brock Society

I wanted to make this a separate post so that it doesn’t get lost in the long line of comments.”

First, thanks to Mr. Mopsick for willing to post on this blog. He is the only lawyer (as far as I know) who has written complete posts. I thank him for sharing his perspectives. After reading the comments: it is worth remembering that his central message is that he is willing to talk to people – everybody has a different situation. Furthermore, the members of the Isaac Brock Society have proven that they are very knowledgeable about this issue and are perfectly capable of evaluating the value (or not) of specific legal advice.

But, the main purpose of this post is as follows:

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  1. markpinetree

    I really don´t believe that anyone really knows how US Persons can deak with OVDI. To that extent we all will depend on the IRS judgement in each case and this is very anxiety provoking. Suddenlly they decided to come after Americans and Dual Citizens Abroad and Greencarders without any warning. And without respect for each case, The whole thing generalized… as if all were criminals. With penalties that are not applied to any other Americans! You know, these American Persons do have “foreign bank accounts” becaise either they are living in foreign countries or they came from them. And they pay taxes on these countries. And they have Tax Credits for what they pay when filling the IRS Returns, So, why they would hide these accounts? The only reason I can think for them doing that is either to avoid the extensive paperwork or the threatened and draconian penalties, They are not the same as Americans Living in the USA who has secret bank accounts in foreign countries, hiding from the IRS. Yet they make no differentiation. I have no idea why, These three groups really don´t know what to do especially if they found out – by chance since they were not warned – about the FBARs and the stiff penalties attached to them. They deserve more clear directions and at least a minimum respect of not being considered criminals without due judgement. I have never seen this happening in the USA before. I keep hoping that sooner or later this will be corrected as the IRS Tax Advisor has proposed in her message to the Congress,


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