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Help! I would like a second opinion on what this page on the HR Block Canada site is really saying. It appears to me that they are either directly saying (or at least implying) that U.S. citizens in Canada MUST enter the Voluntary Disclosure Initiative.  To me this sounds as though they are saying that people must enter the OVDI program that was reactivated in January 2012. VDI is certainly different from a general requirement to file U.S. tax returns. The page URL is here (it states a 2012 publication date):

What follows is an excerpt from the page. (You may want to read it all.) Am I misreading this? Am I misinterpreting this? How would a U.S. citizen in Canada interpret this? Help! At the very least I think this is highly misleading.  I have highlighted certain parts. Your thoughts?

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    Given that HR Block proposes you services in Canada, they must therefore have a Canada Corporation, or at least a registered branch office, and hence they should be subject to an obligation to preserve Canadian civil rights protections as to their interactions with Canada residents. Even if they have added an option to their computer system for “Canada Resident”: Do not let them propose you a situation that strips you of your retirement funds, or that denies you your fundamental constitutional right to pay taxes as your immediate neighbors do. If you have earned your money in Canada through legal means, you owe nothing to the US. Think of yourself, your family and your neighbors before you fill out IRS and/or HR Block forms. Do not waste money on expensive lawyers. Think for yourself. Do your research on your local, provincial and national legal environment. Speak with your local MP`s and local administrative officials. Stand your ground. Double taxation is not acceptable and shall not stand.

  2. nobledreamer

    The unfortunate thing about this is that in addition to the expectation that the IRS is moving toward a wealth tax, I have often seen it written that at some point, these OVDI’s may be the only way to become compliant. And that renouncing will become much more difficult.


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