CBA suggest Canadian banks may close accounts of U.S. citizens – The Time To Fight Back is Now!

It would appear that the Canadian Bankers Association has joined with the IRS in declaring war on U.S. citizens. If anybody imagined that all of this was a nightmare and that you would wake up and the world would be the same – it won’t. It is absolutely essential that U.S. and dual Canada U.S. citizens organize to do (at a minimum) the following:

1. For banks to identify customers based on citizenship is in clear violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code – the time to involve the Human Rights Commission in NOW.

2. A class action lawsuit must be launched against the Canadian banks – the time to start is NOW.

3. We need to involve Jennifer Stoddart of the Canadian Human Rights Commission – NOW.

4. We need to organize an association in every federal riding to pressure the MP. The Government of Canada must pass legislation to prohibit the Canadian banks from complying with FATCA. This is an issue of Canadian Sovereignty! This must be done NOW. You know what ridings you live in! The time to start is NOW.

I plan to update this post.

If you don’t think this is necessary after having read the above, you will after you read this:

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