McKenna Globe Article – Comments on the comments

Yesterday I posted about Barrie McKenna’s article about American citizens in Canada renouncing  U. S. citizenship. Renouncing U.S. citizenship is a painful decision for many expats. Furthermore, there some expats renouncing U.S. citizenship will be hit with the exit tax. You must learn about the tax consequences of renouncing U.S. citizenship before you do it. As good as the Globe article was the number of comments was astounding. Incredibly 730 comments were posted in 24 hours. The comments were incredibly illuminating – recommend them to you. There is clear anger at the U.S. government. One of the most interesting comments came from the U.S.

“Bart Hall –Kansas USA

8:58 AM on November 9, 2011

It is far worse than even the article indicates, and reflects a profoundly disturbing trend—the fervent desire to have US law apply not only within US territory, but to any US citizen, anywhere. To my knowledge this is utterly unprecedented at any time or place in history.

Not only are the US attempting to apply their somewhat draconian tax regimes around the world, they’re in the course of doing the exact same thing with their idiotic drug laws. You know, because they work so well at home.

Something has gone desperately wrong in Washington. My 6G-grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence. I am closely related to three Presidents. And my family has brought forth officers (and plenty of enlisted) for the defence of this land in every single generation since 1701.

The desperate hunger for ever-greater power and revenue in Washington must be stopped. They have already begun to turn that hunger onto Americans at home—the TSA are now setting up roadblocks on assorted American highways, and if you do not allow them to search your vehicle you will not be allowed to proceed.

“Fourth Amendment rights? You ain’t got no stinkin’ Fourth Amendment Rights.” Americans: are you paying attention? Hello? Anybody home?”

There is something clearly wrong inside the United States. By leaving people are voting with their feet.  Lawyer Phil Hodgen comments on the Vancouver back log to expatriate.  Mr. Hodgen writes:

“Canary, meet coal mine

At the moment the number of people leaving might be small, and their actions dismissed in a hand-wavy fashion.  But they should not be dismissed.  Their actions are an indicator of something gone awry.

The United States has been built on immigration.  Out-migration tells us something isn’t working.  (Hah.  Tell that to the State of California. “Oh, no. Everything is fine!”  Same thought.)  When people vote with their feet — and are willing to pay a staggering tax to do so — they are sending a message.

I don’t think anyone is listening.  And this, unfortunately, is to the greater harm of the United States.”


7 thoughts on “McKenna Globe Article – Comments on the comments

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    1. Just Me

      Breaking story on the NYTs Home page…

      This is big, I think… As the NYTs is the paper of record, and when it speaks others listen. I have already sent this to all my reporter email addresses. Make as many aware of the issue as possible…

      Article title: Law to Find Tax Evaders Denounced


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