Tim Geithner – Head of the IRS and a Tax Cheat

“Walking near the Treasury Building, which is nearby the White House, a woman turned to her young daughter and said: “Look honey, that’s where Tim Geithner lives he doesn’t pay his taxes!”

– Mad As Hell – How The Tea Party Is fundamentally Remaking Our Two Party System – Scott Rasmussen and Douglass Schoen – page 127

In the United States the Secretary of the Treasury also is in charge of the IRS. Tim  Geithner has acknowledged that he failed to include “reportable income`for a period of years on his tax return. Furthermore, this is income that he knew he should have been reporting. Yet, Mr. Geithner was confirmed as Secretary of the Treasurey. President Obama justified Mr. Geithner`s appointment on the basis that Mr. Geithner made a mistake that was commonly made. When it comes to the failure to file FBARs:

1. This is an obligation that until 2011 was not commonly known (and may still not be commonly known);

2. The failure to file is very common.

Seems like what is good for Mr. Geithner should be good for the common people. Perhaps, Mr. Geithner should never have been appointed Secretary of the Treasury.

That said, President Obama and Secretary Geithner are raring to go after those expat Americans with foreign bank accounts. Check out the following:

2 thoughts on “Tim Geithner – Head of the IRS and a Tax Cheat

  1. badger

    Th behind the scenes hypocrisy of Treasury Secretary Geithner – who has been threatening and persecuting ordinary individual dual-born and US-born/naturalized citizens living and paying taxes in full to the countries where they actually live and work, entirely outside the US, while at the same time he was making secret deals to favour US corporations-are-people who hoard profits and deliberately stash them ‘offshore’ – to avoid US taxes. Below is confirmation that in 2011, while Geithner was slandering individuals abroad as tax cheats ‘hiding’ money in our local banks, where we live outside the US – he was also privately making a deal to tax US corporations only on a territorial basis.

    ‘The chief of a group of more than 200 CEOs said on Thursday that President Barack Obama had told the business community last month he might back a territorial tax system, a regime that would exempt offshore corporate profits from U.S. taxation.’

    ……..”In 2011, then Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner privately agreed to move to such a (territorial tax) regime in failed talks with Republicans to secure a major budget deal, according to aides present.”…


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